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A N D R E W  S T E W A R T  J A M I E S O N
2015 and 2016 Achievements will be added 1 June 2016

2014 Completed final public illumination project the Templeton Prize scroll awarded to Czech Priest and Philosopher Tomas Halik. New article published in Blackmore Vale Magazine entitled, 'Richard III artist bows out of heraldry with Templeton Prize scroll'.

2013 Appeared in Blackmore Vale Magazine with the Chairman of the Richard III Society, Dr Phil Stone.

- Founded The Masters of Heraldry Movement to combat the theft and resale of Professional Heraldic Artists' images. Featured in an article entitled, 'Richard III artist Andrew Stewart Jamieson takes arms against heraldic cheats' .

- Designed and painted the vellum Templeton Prize Presentation Scroll for Desmond Tutu which was presented on national television in May.

- Made headlines revealing his 'Richard III' portrait commissioned by the Richard III Society of England. Latest press release can be seen here.

2012 Designed and Painted the Presentation Scroll for the Templeton Prize awarded to the Dalai Lama at St.Paul’s Cathedral. To see His Holiness presented with the artwork click here.

2011 Created the Letters Patent for Armagh which granted status Lord Mayor.

- Created the Chelmsford Letters Patent granting City Status.

- Commissioned by the Crown Office to design, write and illuminate the Letters Patent granting the titles of Duke of Cambridge, Earl of Strathearn and Baron Carrickfergus to HRH Prince William.

- Invited to become a Scribe and Illuminator to the Crown Office at the House of Lords producing Illuminated Letters Patent on behalf of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

- Templeton Prize Presentation Scroll created by Andrew Stewart Jamieson presented to Martin J. Rees by His Royal Highness Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh at Buckingham Palace.

- Painted, ‘The Last Highlander’.

2010 Templeton Prize Presentation Scroll created by Andrew Stewart Jamieson presented to Francisco J. Ayala by His Royal Highness Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh at Buckingham Palace.

- Painted the ‘American Visions’, series of Abstract paintings.

2009 Featured in a magazine article entitled, 'National Treasure'.

- Commissioned by the Royal Hospital Chelsea to produce major illuminated Donor panels for the new Margaret Thatcher Wing of the Hospital.

- Scottish American Military Society Presentation Scroll Created by Andrew Stewart Jamieson presented to HRH Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex.

2007 Elected President of the Society of Heraldic Arts.

- Featured in the March edition of Architectural Digest.

2006 Commissioned by St. Andrews Fund for Scots Heraldry to paint the Royal Arms of Scotland.

2004 Painted the Arms of former US Secretary of State Colin Powell.

2001 Elected a Brother of the Artworkers Guild of London.

- Began illustration work with Wessex Books. Completed, 'Arthur Land and Legend, cover artwork.

2000 Illuminator on the Saint John’s Bible producing various designs and one major illumination at the end of Gospels and Acts.

1998 Commissioned to produce an illuminated manuscript book for Sir Paul Getty KBE.

1997 - Wrote and illustrated, ‘Coats of Arms’ published by Pitkin Guides.

- Commissioned to design various tapestries based on medieval themes for Hines of Oxford.

- Invited to become the Heraldic Artist to the British Association of the Sovereign Order of Malta.

1996 Invited by the Canadian Heraldic Authority to attend the 22rd Congress of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies and exhibit at the 12 Masters of Heraldic Art.

- Awarded the Corel Prize for Artistic Excellence

. - Assisted Queen's Scribe Donald Jackson MVO in producing several dozen illuminations for Letters Patent issued by the Crown Office at the House of Lords.

- Continued his work with Pitkin Guides. Painted the cover artwork for several books including, 'The War of the Roses'.

1995 Artist in Residence Buckfast Abbey UK.

- Began illustration work with Pitkin Guides. Complete first cover art project, 'King Arthur'.

1992 Assisted in the restoration of Windsor Castle after the Great Fire. Video.

- Jamieson Vellum Panel of Arms presented to HH Pope John Paul II.

1987 Designed the merchandising artwork for Jethro Tull’s 16th album, ‘Crest of a Knave’.

1986 Worked with Photographers Eric Howard and Bob Carlos Clarke producing calligraphy captions for a collectors calendar, ‘The Dark Summer'.

- Founding member of Society of Heraldic Arts London.

1985 Produced the Quincentenary Plate design to mark the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Bosworth. Plate No. 1 presented to HM Queen Elizabeth II and placed in the Royal Collection.

- Exhibited work for the Richard III Society Banquet to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Bosworth attended by HRH the Duke of Gloucester.

- Exhibition Alpha Gallery Sherborne UK.

1984 Aquascutum of London's Artist in Residence 5th Avenue, New York.

- Artwork published in the 'Art of Heraldy' by Carl Alexander von Volbroth.

- Began teaching at Kings School Sherborne UK.

- Began freelance work as an heraldic artist for HM College of Arms.

1983 Graduated with Honours from Reigate School of Arts.

1982 Commissioned to produce Twinning Charters for Sherborne Dorset and Granville France. Second article appears in British newspapers about the young artist.

1980 Studied heraldry, calligraphy and manuscript illumination at Reigate School of Art.

- Pre B.A. Foundation Course at Salisbury College of Art.

- Produced Twinning Charters for Gillingham, Dorset and Le Neubourg France. First article appears in British newspapers about the young artist.

1966 - 1978 Educated at schools in England and America.

1961 Born in Bermondsey South London.

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